Protected area

Over the past few years conservation efforts of the country biological resources have focused primarily on the establishment of protected areas, with the objective of protecting the country's best-known sites of outstanding biodiversity/natural value, aiming at maintaining the diversity and viability of the various components of Yemen ’s biodiversity, and to ensure their sustainable utilization.

These efforts have led to the identification of 15 areas throughout the country (including Socotra Island) that are of outstanding biodiversity/natural value and urgently need to be protected. For their important role in supporting wildlife and maintaining the diversity and viability of the various components of Yemen’s biodiversity, dense forest cover in Jabel Bura’a, Eraf forest, Ket Fah, Hawf and Socotra Island are of most important areas for declaring and establishment of protected at the highlands region.

Similarly, the remnant natural juniper vegetation cover in Jebel Lawz (Khawlan), Jebel Eraf (Taiz), Jebel Saber (Taiz), Ket Fah (Sa'da'a), Hawf (Al-Mahra), and Kabbeitah (Taiz) hosts unique flora assemblages including alpine type vegetation. For bird conservation M. Evans et al (1994), identified 57 sites, which are of vital importance for the conservation birds in Yemen.

In Coastal region, Balhaf-Bir Ali-Burum and Sharma-Jathmun, Dhobba,Ras Isa/Kamaran Island, Khor Umaira, Bab-al-Mandab & Perim Island, Luhayah and Hannish Archipelago)   have been identified are for protecting mangroves, Aden Coastal Wetlands, coral reef have been cited important for the protection.

Yemen has six formal protected areas from ( 40 ) environmental sensitive place in yemen, according to the “Environment Protection Law” No. 26 for the year 1995, and article 11 of the bylaw No. 148 for the year 2000,“A protected Area may be established, in natural habitats, by a Prime Ministerial decree upon the recommendation of EPA or any specialized body”.


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