Bura'a Protected Area

The Name Bura’a Natural protected area is taken from that of the granite massif, Jabal Bura’a, on which it is located. Administratively, BNPA is located in Al Hudaidah Governorate, about 50 km north of Al Hudaidah city. It has an area of 4278 ha. Jabal Bura’a ranges  in altitude between 300 to 2200 meters and is intersected by a number of valleys, the most important of which are “Wadi Rijaf” “Wadi Al Aswad” and “Wadi Al Bussal”.


Bura’a forest represents a relict of the tropical forests that once predominated the Arabian Peninsula. About 300 plant species belonging to 83 families have been recorded from BNPA. A total of 63 species are considered rare; 35 vulnerable and 8 species endemic. Among animals, 9 terrestrial vertebrate, including the  hamadryas baboon, White tailed mongoose, the porcupine and the hyena have been recorded in the descend. About 93 bird species have been recorded in BNPA. Of these, 32  are resident species, 17 migrant, 5 summer visitors, 2 endemic and 2threatened species. Reptiles are represented by 13 species including fresh water turtles and the Yemeni monitor lizard. There are also frogs and toads in addition to many species of invertebrates.