National Biodiversity Strategy & Action plan

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Upload date 25 Nov 2014
Geographical coverage Yemen
Keywords biodiversity,
Release date 17/05/2010

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 The biological diversity of Yemen occurs in a spectrum of habitats ranging from coastal mangroves and coral reefs to the highlands and deserts of the interior. These habitats harbor a great number of unique species of wildlife and domesticated animals and plants.  But now, much of our country’s great natural biological wealth has become severely threatened over the last few decades by the changing patterns of human use and abuse which have degraded the very systems and resources on which the nation depends.  Without serious and deliberate remedial actions and interventions, many of native species of wildlife of local and global importance will be pushed towards extinction and their unique habitats laid fallow.

The strategy is illustrated according to its strategic goals; which are broken down into sub-goals, each targeted to a strategic area and complemented with a number of priority objectives requiring immediate, medium or long-term attention.