Story Yemen participates in the Earth Summit Rio +20

Yemen participates in the Earth Summit Rio +20

Republic of Yemen participated with an official delegation headed by Minister of Water and Environment Mr. Abdo Razzaz Saleh at a meeting of the Earth Summit which concluded recently in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The meeting was held on 18 June and attended by 150 world leaders and continued for several days.

Release date 30/06/2012
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 The Minister professed to the  News Agency "SABA" that the meeting did not come out with effective results due to the lack of implementation, by major industrial countries, of decisions of the previous summit held in the same city in 92.  These countries evade from the decisions of Rio as it is heading to push the world towards a green economy, economy with less carbon and less pollution. The Minister pointed out that the conflict between the major industrialized countries such as Europe and America lies in the fact that Europe was ready to implement the green economy on renewable energy in whilst America is still dependent on fossil fuels, which made it offset by the decisions of the Rio commitment but only gradually very slow.