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Marine and human populations are the vast biomass that joins the coastal zones and islands with their surrounding seas world wide. The density of coastal economic development is increasing. Managing such ecosystem requires an integrated approach that ensure the multiple interests, use of resources for social or economic benefit for present and future generation so that the conservation of Biodiversity; sustainable use of its components are maintained. The coastline of Yemen extends to well over 2500Km and borders the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden / Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. Yemen also has a large number of islands in all its seas. The largest of which is Socotra Island in the Socotra Archipelago of the Indian Ocean. The unique geographical location of the country at the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula forms also the connection bridge between two large continents (Asia & Africa). This location endowed Yemen with a rich variety and greater number of plant and animal species, which are increasingly threatened by ever expanding human activities. The present disk assessment study describes the existing information on the unique Marine Biodiversity of Yemen.